Richard Will

 Fiddler Richard Will originally hails from California, but has called Charlottesville home for many years now.  A professor of music at the University of Virginia, Richard brings a level of musicianship to the band that keeps us all sharp!     


   The Virginia


Donnie Shifflett

Donnie started out playing with Charlie and Alvin over 20 years ago.  Donnie likes to call his instrument the "bull fiddle," and if you hear him play, you'll know why.  Not only is his hard thumping bass a perfect compliment to Charlie's guitar, but he is one of the best baritone singers in bluegrass.  He is also a fine lead singer and songwriter, to boot.  He hails from Dyke, VA. 

Troy Gooding

Troy, from Madison, VA, has been singing and playing the mandolin since his teenage years.  He does most of the tenor singing for the Ramblers.  When it comes to mandolin pickers, few can get their instruments out of the case and hit the ground running like Troy.  Troy is a big fan of fiddle tunes, and it shows on his breaks- he makes it all look so easy, too!

Brandon Johnson

Originally from Charlottesville, VA, Brandon can play just about anything he puts his hands on, he is extremely versatile.  He is an accomplished bass, mandolin, guitar, and banjo player.  With the Ramblers he is playing the banjo!  Brandon is an exceptional singer as well on the harmony and lead parts!  

Charles Frazier

Charlie started out playing with Alvin Breeden in the 70's.  He has also shared the stage with the likes of Don Reno, Charlie Waller, and Jimmy Martin, just to name a few.  Charlie lays down a powerful rhythm guitar, matched in intensity only by his high lonesome, heartfelt singing.  He makes his home in Earlysville, VA.